The Duality of Idol: Jekyll and Hyde

While we continue to prep for Halloween, it’s no surprise that the world of idol is in no way short of appropriately themed performers. But for every on-the-nose-we-are-zombies-okay, you get something as — well, I was going to say “refined,” but let’s go with “higher concept” — higher concept as Jekyll and Hyde (Twitter).

Disclosure: I in no way understand the photography on their website

Cute by day, violent by night. Exactly half of that describes me in particular!


Oh, yes.

I think they debuted this year (their YouTube channel backs this up), and they’re obviously doing the ol’ lineup shuffle as newer units are wont to do. But, if you look through their promo stuff, they aren’t terrible interested in being just another casual idol project, but are aiming for the top. Good for them!

Here’s their good side:

Still tracking

And their evil:

Keep doing what you’re doing, Jekyll and Hyde. I’ll just make a note to keep my distance during the darker times of the day.

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