The Denpa Is Strong with GANG PARADE’s B-side

Although they were upstaged by an old friend last week, The Artists Formerly Known as POP still put out a pretty nice single that grows on you the more you listen to it. Unlike their most recent releases, though, it sounded like they were shifting gears again, getting away from the denpa-inspired pop of “Happy Lucky Kirakira Lucky” and “Queen of POP” to return somewhat to their Pla2me roots.

The B-side on the “WE ARE the IDOL” disc, though, is not like that at all!

I remain consistently confused by this group.

2 thoughts on “The Denpa Is Strong with GANG PARADE’s B-side

  1. “Get u a man who can do both” (then a picture of Saki climbing that mountain with Mari, next to a picture of Saki in the Kirakira Lucky video)

    • I’d like to see The Many Iterations of Kamiya Saki (“Fly,” “UNIT,” “pretty pretty good,” “Kirakira,” “Queen of POP” and this) merged into some terrible monster.

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