The Dark Girls Are Down One Kusaka Karen

We’ve known for a little while that Karen was leaving NECRONOMIDOL at the appointed time, and that came yesterday and honestly, it is kind of sad. There hasn’t been additional media yet (blog post, etc.), but we do have this nice photo from after the live:

You might be thinking, I’m going to send my best wishes to Karen. There is but one problem, friend: Her Twitter account (@kusaka_karen) is already kaput, in keeping with the time-honored idol tradition of ceasing to exist as your previous identity after leaving a group (or upon joining a new one).

Now I’m looking forward to whichever walking corpse Necroma recruits into that maw of darkness. I haven’t been a good enough boy this year for that announcement to be made during an elaborate LINE LIVE ritual on Halloween night, but a guy can hope.

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