The Cycle of Life in Aqbi Idols

Tanaka-san really has a penchant for the dramatic, doesn’t he? A year ago, 2016 closed with the death of Bellring Girls Heart and announced yet-to-be-detailed future projects for a number of the numbers; as 2017 had its too-well-earned death rattle, of course it was time for the Aqbi family to drop a few more surprises on us.

Last week, Karin announced that she was graduating, basically effective immediately. Fans did weep. Today/tonight, she graduated/s:

Stupid wraparound time …

There was speculation as to how long it would take to replace her, or for the notoriously graduation-heavy group to be overhauled. I had a take:


Go ahead and raise your hand if you thought that Mizuho — last seen in raven’s wings more than a year ago, when she removed them in favor of snap-joining rock-and-wrestling performance troupe THE Natsu no Mamono (and changing her name, oops). True to the nature of the business, Mizuho double-crossed her way back to the stable of her youth and is back not just in the Aqbi fold, but with BRGH/TTTs.

It wouldn’t be a sweet surprise in idol, though, without some kind of gut punch in return, and Mizuho’s former BRGH mate provided the fodder:

YONEKO, the Idol Formerly Known as Kanra, aka the idol most likely to give Maniac the heebie-jeebies at any given time, will leave MIGMA SHELTER, the group effectively created for her, about a year after its founding. Which, if you follow the travails of the MIGMAverse, makes its own degree of sense — she’d been replaced as leader a few months ago. It’s going to be sad to be losing not just one hell of a wild performer, but source of one of the truest idol memes to have ever existed:

And so it goes. As they say, when you perform blood magic, you pay for life with life.

Update: AND THAT’S NOT ALL! TY Tobi in the comments — Ayano’s putting together an idol unit of her very own:

No idea if that’s an extension or replacement of, or addition to, CLOCK & BOTAN, but it’s still pretty neat. Look at this possible lineup right here!

I kid, I kid

6 thoughts on “The Cycle of Life in Aqbi Idols

  1. You forgot that Ayano (Clock&Botan) will found a new idol group. Auditions will begin shortly and the start of the group is planned for April 2018.

      • Y’know, if it’s one thing I love, it’s fabricating baseless rumors at my whim!! So here’s my little theory that I’m recklessly throwing into the ring…

        What if Ayano’s new group is a band? (An idol band, if you will.) What if she wants to go all electric Bob Dylan, and is seeking out the pieces to fill out a bigger sound?

        The reason why I say this is because in Yoneko’s recent instagram posts, she’s been (cough) practicing and toting around a bass guitar. JUST THROWING IT OUT THERE! 😀

  2. Damn, woah. This is easily the most interesting non-Dempagumi roster news of the week. Good luck keeping up with KOTO in any idol metric, though. She’s gonna dance circles around Ayano 😛

    Yoneko’s getting into acting now? She’s done sangin’? Long live Popo Popo Po Popo Jr.

    Mizuho’s news didn’t surprise me as much as it should have… Can we start drawing parallels between her career and Michael Jordan’s? And can somebody please link to the part of the live stream capture where they announce that? I wanna hear the crowd freak out. And possibly freak out along with them.

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