The Cycle of Life in Aqbi Idols, Part Deux

It feels like we just did this

In keeping with today’s apparent theme, let’s take a few minutes to acknowledge the death of one of the true giants of our scene and the life that’s springing forth from that destruction.

The other day, THERE THERE THERES held their final performance, a joint show with their longtime besties in You’ll Melt More!(.) You can and should watch the literal whole thing:

Heck, here’s a bunch of photos, too:

So what’s next? I think there’s still more to come about all of this, actually, and where Kai decides to go for next steps. She’s been at this for a goodly while, so it’s hard to fault her for wanting to take her talents wherever her talents may lead. I’m curious.

The closing thoughts:

For now, what we do know for certain is that:

Mei is going center a new Aqbi group (and already has at least one gig booked solo, unless that should be translated as The Hirasawa Mei Experience), while the prodigal child that is Mizuho is also spinning off and staying with the company (or at least with Tanaka-san), with a new group forming around her and signed with the only record label that matters, Trash-Up!!(.)


In a move that people kind of speculated about, Rere will stick with the company and move on to the re-formed MIGMA SHELTER, while Noe (who’s back, apparently!) is going solo.

So is that it for BRGH/TTTS? If so, we as a community owe them a tremendous debt and as much applause as we can symbolically put together. A lot of what we have today, from the art rock styles to the dedicated avant garde to unequivocable desire to connect with big Western music festivals, either started with Bellheart back in the day or was influenced and supported by them over the years. At least this loss (if it’s truly a loss and there aren’t more surprises cooking) carries with it the promise of new creation, as these new groups can maybe bear the legacy forward.