The Corenament’s Elite Eight Surpass Expectations — Who’ll Be Left Standing?

Well, gang, the Sweet 16 went down about how I sort of expected it to, and our regional finals are big ol’ mixed bag — two slugfests between region favorites, and two whodathunkit matchups besides.

I won’t belabor the point; the Elite Eight, the final bits of idol throwing down for a coveted spot in the Final Four, have … earned it? Sure. This round will run for the next two days, Friday and Saturday, with votes closing at midnight Saturday.

A quick word of apology, though, before we begin: I had intended to make the last last four rounds of the Corenament a more interesting affair than a straight up-and-down vote, but the bombing and whatnot sort of spoiled things. But that’s okay. I bet the final crowning of a champion will be full of surprises!

Ready to go?

Shinjuku Region

Guso Drop entered the Corenament as the prohibitive fan favorite, and they’ve held up their end of the bargain. Can Best Metal herself even put up a respectable challenge? There have been enough upsets so far to make me want to offer even odds, especially with Babymetal fans out in force.

Osaka Region

Osaka hosted what turned out to be the wildest regional bracket. Left standing amid rubble and smoke are the barely-made-it-in FRUITPOCHETTE and the darkest of dark horses, Codomomental — yes, an agency is still in the mix for a spot in the final. I have no idea what to make of this matchup except may the idol gods have mercy on our souls.

Harajuku Region

Babymetal has taken care of business at least as well as Guso Drop, and their reward is to be pitted against one of idol’s most deranged personalities, Hikari Shiina, Pikarin herself. Can the Fox God slay the 20,000-year-old demon and remain at the top of the heap?

Nagoya Region

NECRONOMIDOL was the third #1 seed to make it this far, and they arguably have the easiest matchup left in the mix; I thought they were the odds-on favorites to advance out of their region, but Kisaragi Megumi has proven to be a stern test for everybody else she’s faced, and the Codomomental legions are clearly out in force. This is a clash of styles as much as anything else.

Have fun!

One thought on “The Corenament’s Elite Eight Surpass Expectations — Who’ll Be Left Standing?

  1. Looks like Babymetal will coast into the final. The interesting battle next round is Necronomidol vs Guso Drop, too close to call I think. Will be fun to watch!

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