The Corenament Has Reached Its Final Four: Who Lives to Fight Another Day?

Well, friends, the Corenament has reached its zenith — the Final Four are ready to square off. It wasn’t easy getting here, but a full month’s worth of pitting idols against idols gave us surprises, cheers and jeers, and plenty of head-scratching confusion.

Out of the wreckage of conference tournaments and the first four rounds of competition stand four elites as selected by you, the fans; literally nobody selected these as the Final Four, but that’s the neat thing about an ongoing war of attrition. Punk was almost completely wiped out by what you might call the three pillars of idol+metal, leaving only Guso Drop to defend hardcore’s honor. And, as an added bonus, the resultant matchups are tasty.

Yes, as the Corenament descends upon Akihabara, we have two of the great champions of the underground squaring off in a fists-and-elbows-vs.-Lovecraftian-horrors battle to the death (that they’d probably welcome!), plus a battle that many a smark fan of idol metal would love to see happen in real life.

While I expect the voting hordes to descend upon these final polls, I also expect the more thoughtful minds to have themselves some agonized decisions!

Voting is open until midnight ET Saturday night.

Oh and I decided that I may as well use one of the matchup wrinkles (albeit a tame one) now that we’re getting down to brass tacks, so each idol’s sample for the battle is their most recent PV/MV. No pro-shots, no fan cams; literally, what have you done for me lately?


Come tomorrow night, who’ll be left standing and fighting for a chance to raise the coveted Homicidol Championship Belt?

7 thoughts on “The Corenament Has Reached Its Final Four: Who Lives to Fight Another Day?

  1. I let out an audible sigh upon seeing the first option. I’ve been voting for both of those groups the entire tournament. I feared it would come to this!

  2. If bracket #1 didn’t literally perform regularly with one another, this would be cool. Although fake internet points aren’t probably a topic of conversation in the dressing room. I think JP fans would be kinda split down the middle on this also. Bracket#2 IDK.

    Idol fans are so weird, I almost don’t want to vote anymore. I think I could pick three without any second-guessing. Aaaargh.

    • I almost don’t want to vote too because they are all so close, the corenament was great up til this round with some close strong battles that mattered, but now the ones that are left all good that deserve to win, so I am happy no matter which ones go to next round

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