The Corenament Final Is Perfect

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The Corenament has been great. While last year got weird and I had a fit, this year’s edition featured plenty of the same weirdness … but we embraced it! And the result has incidentally gotten us a real storybook finale.

Our Final Four has had none of the drama of the real one; instead, Guso Drop rode out a healthy early lead against their good friends in NECRONOMIDOL, and Babymetal made mincemeat out of the surprising FRUITPOCHETTE.

The result is that we get #1 against #1, Shinjuku against Harajuku, the top two overall Corenament seeds playing it out like it was scripted, and with all the narrative possible to back it up.

Yes, friends, it’s time to decide. It’s the true queens of the underground against the stars of the international stage, true idols who swim in a world of blood and spit against idols who’ve transcended type and made their own.

Who’s it gonna be?

This poll closes at midnight ET. Best of luck to the participants!

Oh, and you didn’t think that we’d wrap things up without giving the recently deceased a chance to make it onto the proverbial podium, did you? Who gets to be #3?

*I feel a little badly that I actually forgot to include the Final Four bracket challenge for the last round, and therefore have nothing to include here to decide the overall outcome. So, Sander and syneronline, congrats to the two of you for being the least wrong so far!

9 thoughts on “The Corenament Final Is Perfect

  1. I admit part of me wanted to see which was stronger, The Fox God or Nyarlathotep, but this is a worthy final pairing.

    Now, is this where I mention the times this very site (right here) has reported on Guso Drop covering Babymetal. It seems the pecking order is already established.

      • Their history covering covers pretty much decides against covering any recent songs. Unless with covering you mean being being extremely influenced by style and form… then it might be possible.

        Good lord, Koba trying to make a BM song that sounds like GusoDrop would be killer on the girls. It could get very interesting.

  2. phuk the Babymetal ghey azz spamming idiots, Guso Drop could eat Babymetal for breakfast and spit them out and eat them again

    what a joke

  3. tfw i don’t follow guso so i have to default to babymetal even though i don’t think they deserve to win

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  5. Looks like somebody was rigging their own poll. The White Hats will find out for sure.

  6. WordPress and Opinion Stage are the easiest to hack. The truth will come out.
    Cui Bono??????

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