The Corenament Final Four Has Arrived. Hold on to Your Butts.

Well, team, we made it. As promised, today begins the Final Four, and what a final four it is — favorites and underdogs and dark horses and other metaphors all meeting to decide who this year’s Corenament champion will be. And we haven’t even had any fanfic yet! Amazing. We truly do live in wild times.

The bracket, as it now stands:

I’m struggling to make a good analog to IRL here. Necroma is … Virginia? Kodomo-chan is Michigan State? PassCode is Texas Tech? At least we can all agree that Yoneko is Auburn (potentially right down to Charles Barkley being a huge-ass cheerleader from the studio, because have you ever seen Charles Barkley deny being a huge YONEKO fan? YOU HAVE NOT!)

Anyway, without any of the usual twists and turns, and with no contrived drama to pull out of it, we’re left with pure, unadulterated struggle for dominance, and what could be purer? If I had any regrets, it would only be that I didn’t plan ahead and do a double-elimination or something for this stage, but oh well. We have today to do this semifinal, and then Monday will be the battle for the title.

The stage is set, gang. Let’s get it done: