The Contemplative Quiet of Penultimate HAMIDASYSTEM

Hey, just like yesterday, let’s leave alone what doesn’t need to be tampered with. Tomorrow is D-Day for whatever work of artistic glory that HAMIDASYSTEM is going to bless the world with; today is about completing the original circle with FLAME’s contribution to the Epic of HAMIDASYSTEM:

This is so introspective that it makes my heart hurt

Aw heck, let’s say a thing!

I’m kind of an idiot sometimes, in case you hadn’t heard. Besides my limited ability to comprehend the nuances of Japanese, I sometimes move too fast or with incomplete information, I get impatient, I miss details. And that’s to say nothing of my scathing hot takes! This one, though, is a great example of just plain not noticing what was going on:

This theme of loss, of love detached, suffuses the entire original series of four songs, driven home now as they are by the video stories. That’s the only continuity that I’m aware of, so I’m not anticipating tomorrow’s work to unite them beyond the theme (or maybe, in a Peak Idol kind of thing, the members all find each other and their woes are dispersed). What it definitely will be is something too good for the likes of us. You bless us, HAMIDASYSTEM.