The Conspiracy Shows Itself: The Idol Government’s First Meeting

I can’t even pretend that this isn’t completely ridiculous and completely cool and feeding right into my every paranoid delusion about the Babymetal Illuminati and the future world government … of idol.

Our friend Pure Idol Heart shared this yesterday; its existence had come up in discussion before, but now the reality of this Nation of Domination has made itself known, and may we all quake with fear at the repercussions:

It’s very nice of World Idol (let’s call it that) to include some of our own favorites, albeit a little more on the mainstream side of things — between Osaka Shunkashuto, The World Standard, Up Up Girls, Babyraids Japan and PASSPO, we get enough rocking and rolling to keep things honest. It might not be completely representative of all that idol has to offer (WHERE IS RINNE?!), but it’s … well, it’s something. Plus Maneki Kecak! And LinQ (home of SRAM)! And the deceptively named ANGERME!

Can anybody tell us the result of this first (broadcast) governing meeting? Or, more to the point, can anybody parse through the obvious code language for a true agenda? When will MAINA be placed above us all as some sort of Antichrist? Will she go on tour? These are important questions, people!

4 thoughts on “The Conspiracy Shows Itself: The Idol Government’s First Meeting

      • Hello Project started doing some… interesting musicals a while back. They had one which was written by Otsuki Kenji from Kinnikushoujotai, and was about young girls going insane, dying, then being turned into zombie-like beings called Stacies. The only way to kill them was to cut them into exactly 165 pieces. an example.

        Lilium was about vampires. Even had Sayashi trying to stab the shit out of herself and the end and she couldn’t die. Was kinda fun.

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