The Brief Life and Brutal Death of SiS: The Movie


So the edited-up version of the BiS auditions airs tonight (or now, I guess, or tomorrow? Japanese dates confuse me), and it’s probably a good recap for those of us who watched pretty much the entire audition boot camp as if there were going to be any insights — hell, if you were paying attention, it was clear from early on who the winners were going to be, lending credence to the it-was-all-a-stunt-of-course-it-was-this-is-Watanabe-we’re-talking-about of it all.

For many, the most interesting outcome of the auditions wasn’t New BiS, but the spin-off sister/rival group SiS, the prototype of which stormed the stage at the New BiS debut and got people really excited and then had themselves a really cool debut live of their own and then … well.

While SiS is definitely in the running for a number of Best of 2016 categories, their life and death and GANG PARADEsurrection were still pretty great drama, so it’s fitting that this is happening:

Yep, they’re making a feature film out of it.

You can see more stuff at the website, or in this article (that calls the SiS demise “annihilation,” and my heart doth swell). Yes, Space Shower is doing it because they get all the cool jobs. Yes, I’m certain that it’ll be amazing and frustrating and agonizing and will get people mad at Watanabe all over again.

Please buy me this shirt!

Watch the trailer:

And follow that account, probably

They play us like a fiddle, each and every time, and we love it anyway.

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  1. Just so everyone knows, I have the interest and intention to make subtitles for this (once it comes out, and once I can get my hands on a copy, etc). I’ve got some other projects I’m itching to do, but I can’t find a translator. (The Ylmlm! movie translation is in the same boat). If you know somebody who can help you, please encourage them to get in touch! We’ll pay them!

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