The BiSathon Is Underway, So We May as Well Get Started, Too

This post is a PSA as much as anything; the basic idea for this incredibly stupid venture is sketched out here.

But just a few hours ago, the BiS members began their 100km marathon. While I don’t think any single reader of has ever attempted anywhere near such a distance, I bet there are at least 20 people out there who can put together 5km, or 30-odd who can do 3km, or some combination thereof that probably also involves folks doing 1km and 10km and rolling a scooter rather than running and all kinds of ways to say:

BiS, your fans run with you

If you join us, remember to snap a photo of yourself or your distance or landmark or whatever (with IDOL gear if you have it!), and tweet @BiSidol and the members using #BiS100 and #BiS100キロ. FWIW, I have a feeling that we’re not going to see results from everybody who took part, or that the combination of humans and distances won’t tally 100km, but that’s okay! We’ll still have put in a simple, supportive demonstration.

Live casts for the members after the jump.





Nice ear muffs

Pour Lui:

If I were a betting man (and I’m not!), I’d put money on Gozeela and Kika finishing cleanly; they both seem like they’re fairly athletic. I’d also do some kind of wagering for us all, just for fun, but I won’t because I’m not a total monster.

10 thoughts on “The BiSathon Is Underway, So We May as Well Get Started, Too

  1. Aside from the fact that I have zero social media presence (no tweeter, no facebox) the last 2 days the ice has been a living hell on my left knee so I’m Gimpy McLimpsalot right now. If anyone wants to start a moleskin and icy hot fund for the girls I might could chip in.

  2. When do we have to do it by? I have training tomorrow and I’d prefer not to fight just after a long run, or vice versa.

  3. It looks like I am the only one that put in distance so far. I better see others running dammit. 😀

  4. Poor Pour Lui was moving like the Walking Dead just now. And I just caught it in time to see her cross the finish line! Woo hoo!! I think maybe Peritan needed a bowl of extra spicy curry at the start and a cold glass of water at the end to help her out there haha. Then maybe she might have ran right past Kika.

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