The Billie Idle Double Album Experience

Any time that Billie Idle goes more than three months without announcing a new release, I start to wonder what’s wrong. We just crossed that barrier in a post-bi bi bi bi bi world, so the requisite announcement teaser meant either “album” or “member revolt,” and here we are:

April 26! Two albums!

Specifically, a best-of album (BILLIed IDLE) of 18(!) songs, and a brand-spankin’ new live album (LAUNCHING OUT) of indeterminate length! I’m hoping that they’re a package deal, because that Y3K (price, not year) is significant! Obligatory three-city tour and smattering of in-store events to support, too.

This is good. Billie Idle is good. First Summer Uika continues to be paid money to entertain. I am much pleased.

By the way, very crafty of the The Family* to all have coordinated announcements this morning. GANG PARADE? Shirt! BiSH? Band collaboration! BiS? Promo posters!

*I know that Billie Idle isn’t in WACK. I’m just playing the odds here.

Also, TY for pointing out that the album is live, @Baccibloo!