The Bellring Girls Heart Farewell Keeps Getting Interestinger

So we already know about the aptly named Shallow Grave tour, and the presence of BRGH friends You’ll Melt More and PassCode on it for unique collaborative shows (Bell Melt More! BellCode!). But Shallow Grave keeps getting fleshed out, and the schedule’s getting into a real scenester Who’s Who:

That is not bad at all.

So you have Maison Book Girl to kick things off on Monday, and along the way working in Lyrical School, little sisters Yanakoto Sotto Mute and Oyasumi Hologram (among others). And in the latter case, they’re already screwing around together:

It’s not a question of whether this video will give you a seizure, but how much of a seizure.

They also just announced a standalone one-man on Dec. 22, called BABEL, at which they’ll first perform the last new song for this lineup:

Given the promotion, I bet it’s going to be a DVD!

And, anyway, just remember that it’s being called Shallow Grave because it’s a farewell tour of sorts, but Bellheart’s going to be back at some point in 2017 with an overhauled lineup and maybe even a new look. In the latter case, I’ll have a sad, but it’s better than no Bellheart at all.

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