The Babymetal Yokohama Fallout Continues

Take this with an immense grain of salt, possibly an entire pound’s worth or so, but the rest of Babymetal’s 2016 North American tour (or at least a huge piece of it) has allegedly been leaked in the form of a BM press release. Details here on Reddit.

For one, this is a jam-packed schedule. Granted, it’s only a little over a week, but that’s still a lot of traveling and performing for young people in a pretty short span of time. The fact that they’re teasing West Coast dates, too, makes me think that Europe may be the big loser this year (besides that epic throwdown hitting London the day after the new album drops), and Asia-Pacific may be the beneficiaries.

Of course, there were those rumors about Australia for early this year, and then not only did that fall through, but the entire festival circuit went out of business, so maybe there won’t be anything. Maybe they’ll do a few quick-hitters in European places they haven’t visited yet (somewhere in Spain, Rome, get in on the big metal scene in Russia or Sweden, etc.) between London and arrival in the USA. I don’t know.

But if 2015 was Babymetal’s year, and this is how things are shaping up for them in 2016 … well.