The Action Will Be Furious on the First Day of the Corenament

Good morning, friends, and welcome to the opening tip-off day of the real-deal actual Corenament! Yes, the First Four have already competed, adding First Summer Uika, DEEP GIRL, Rinahamu and GANG PARADE officially to the field. The BiS appears to be strong with us.

We’ll play the first two rounds (that is, the first week/end) of the Corenament according to the same rules as the conference tournaments: Who do you like better, OR, if you can’t decide, who would you least like to face in a fight. Zanier matchup possibilities lurk next week, but we’ll keep it simple for the sake of my sanity now.

Half of the field will be in action today, and half again tomorrow. Today’s opening-round matchups will sort out who advances from the Harajuku and Nagoya regions.


Wait just one second. The point of the Corenament is to crown a champion on the question of What Is Best Idol? That’s obviously incredibly individually subjective and open to all kinds of interpretation, not to mention deliberately excluding thousands upon thousands of idols who never have and probably never will grace the sacred pages of

That being said, keep that objective in mind as you go, especially in these first couple of rounds. Deeper levels of appreciation will suss out the real winners from the real not-winners. But for now, we want excitement! Tight outcomes! Frustration! Upsets! Possible bribery!

Voting will close at midnight ET. Go for it.

Harajuku Region








Nagoya Region








Best of luck to all!

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