The 2019 Homicidols Corenament Sweet Sixteen, Part the Second

Holy crap, you guys, yesterday’s Sweet Sixteen first half was awesome! Zenkimi won out after a furious (if by “furious” I mean “six hours long”) comeback, BiSH narrowly pulled out a tight one against JyuJyu … and YONEKO was the day’s Upset Special, humiliating BBTS after a back-and-forth battle. It was so wild that Minna no Kodomo-chan drowning NaNoMoRaL in a bathtub (metaphorically!) was actually the most shocking result, and it shouldn’t have been, because these things get seeded the way they do for a reason, kids.

Anyway, the bracket now looks like:

And today’s Sweet Sixteen second half is going to be an absolute bloodbath!

My favorite thing about this dumb event and its little changes every year is the way that it inevitably forces things that people love into direct, winner-take-all match-ups, and the inevitable gnashing of teeth. Just go look at the comment from yesterday — poor Mike has a real decision to make! But right there in the same bracket? Tsurezure and MBG. On the other side? Derek’s worst nightmare as Necroma takes on Yanamyu. Brutal.

And fun! So get to it. Like yesterday, this one runs just for today, and then we’ll have our Elite Eight ready for the weekend. This is the best weekend of the real Tournament, too, and they had just as great a first day as we did. Let’s get on this wild ride!