The 2019 Homicidols Corenament Sweet Sixteen, Part the First

Welcome back, friends, to the 2019 Homicidols Corenament! Last week’s opening round of 32 was … well, it had some interesting results. You can check out the first go and the second, plus overtime in what would have been the biggest upset in Corenament history had not somebody stuffed the ballot box Kaqriyo Terror Architect hit their buzzer-beater and advanced. Ah, March Madness!

The bracket:

We now enter the Sweet Sixteen at the same time as the NCAA Tournament, which means that we’ll get to stay on schedule from here on. And just like the actual Sweet Sixteen, I’ve decided to only schedule half of the match-ups for today, and half again tomorrow, with the Elite Eight all going at once on Sunday. Following along? Great!

Yeah, realizing now that I screwed up the layout on this side of the bracket like a goof

Because it’s everybody’s second go, most of the videos have been changed … when possible. Just like I warned in the primer, if you (idols) don’t have much video content, that’s basically saying that you have one way to play and one level of intensity and really just that one move to try to impress people, so the best of luck to you with that!

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