The 2016 Homicidols Best of the Year, Ballot 2

Ballot 2 is upon us! Ballot 1 is actually still open if you’d like to take a pass at it and be in the running for the Guso Drop CD+poster and/or potentially any other goods that make it. Details on that, and other things, here.

This round is quite the challenge, team. The B-side and Video of the Year categories were both plenty dramatic on the first ballot (with drama continuing to unfold!); I can only imagine how some of these are going to shake out.



There were a lot of highs in 2016; there were also a lot of disappointments. Which left the worst taste in your mouth? Was it YouTube Red greatly complicating our ability to access official video content? Rum’s brief run in Fruitpochette? The even shorter run of SiS? Maybe you felt a little failed when Babymetal’s big post-Dome announcement turned out to be much ado about nothing, or your GANG PARADE fandom was tested by their almost comical run of membership issues. Vote your heart, vote your gut; just vote!


Idol performance is a big part of why we like idols in the first place. Whose stage work left the best impression on you? The juxtaposition of venue size, performance style and fan intensity makes this a very interesting list.


A lot of really cool groups and solo performers debuted in 2016, and some relative veterans took a big step forward. Some even graduated into the limelight! Whose turn will it be in 2017? Maybe Hanako-san? Guso Drop? Maison Book Girl? Yukueshirezutsurezure? Osaka Shunkashuto? Hell, it could be all of the above. What matters is who you think took the biggest steps forward and has the best chance to become a big deal in the new year.


Quoting me: “Idols and singles go together like eggs and bacon.” The nominations process was a little uncertain about whether physical single releases or lead singles off of larger records were the criterion, so we included them all, and I think you’ll agree that this is a very, very strong crop.


In a banner year for albums, we wound up with more nominees than anybody could shake a stick at. But, looking at the finalists, who would you leave off? Exactly. I didn’t get to review all of these, so rather than randomly link to stuff, I’m giving you yet another playlist to peruse with one song from each — but it helps if you already know your stuff!


Yes, you have to put your email on this one, too. How else am I supposed to match ballots and proclaim a winner/s?

15 thoughts on “The 2016 Homicidols Best of the Year, Ballot 2

    • I think I know what I’m going to pick, but I need to marinate on this for a bit.
      If my house was burning down and I had to choose only one album to save, I’d just let the flames consume me.

      • Haha! On the bright side, if you die in your bathroom maybe you could be a toilet ghost with Hanako! Think she knows Elvis?

        I’ve made my choice. It was tough.

  1. boans rationalizes: I voted the SiS thing as a bigger letdown than Fuitpochette, because at least Rum got into the studio! The SiS girls probably didn’t even learn the alarm code at the WACK offices when the 5-person carpet was pulled from under them.
    I voted for Maison Book Girl @ NMFT as performance of the year. Yes, I was there so I can be excused for voting for it over the BiSH and Passcode shows that also looked like the greatest party of all time, but also consider what it means for us! As an alt-idol fan in Canada, any alt-idol performance that caters to western fans is a huge thing. Same reason I ultimately voted for MISS UNLIMITED as best single. The English promotion campaign and the fact they let me buy it gave it an edge over the competition 😀

    • These are rational things.

      Take on the other hand the flame war going on over Terry’s reaction to Babymetal winning a metal site’s fan poll for Best Of. People are great and wonderful things!

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  3. My main bitch about this whole thing is album of the year, I know you know why, if you didn’t it’s because it started way to soon, especially since some of the best albums of the year came out after and are still coming out when the list was started, I for one know if voted on again at the end of the year the list you have would totally change, I’m 100% positive about that.

    • Jordan, you know I feel you. It’s logistics — if we’d waited, the vote would’ve been a big ol’ jumble and probably kind of sucky. This year’s December stuff will count in 2017.

  4. This one was easy for me once again besides a bit of a dilemma on Performance Of The Year. The BiSH finale was excellent and was initially my first choice. BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome was awesome but it was no Budokan performance. I ended up choosing PassCode Virtual Tour Final. It was a dope show, cool looking set, the added element of the live band, and it turned out to be one hell of a great DVD.

    • Forgot to add the choice came between PassCode and BRGH at TIF, which was a damn good performance. Had to go back and watch both shows a few times over to decide.

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