That’s More Like It, SHINGEKI

So in the Weekender I complained a little bit (little bit) about SHINGEKI, who showed lots of relevant coolness and then kept releasing things and one of them wasn’t as loud and cool. WHATEVER. Remember, they have as much history in less than a year than many idol projects do in half of a decade, and as such can dredge up all kinds of interesting things as suits their interests.

Such as:

That’s actually a YAMIAME track, if you’re keeping score. AKA the second iteration of the group, the last one with my girl Arisa from back in the good ol’ Mugen Regina days, the one that broke up on stage to become Imonikomi as a deliberate placeholder for the one-month-later emergence of SHINGEKI.

If they want to next dust off some of that very dark earliest work when the group was going as Yannderu Ame etc., I’ll be a pretty happy camper.