That Time Okinawa Electric Girl Saya Teamed Up With Hijokaidan…

Peeps, allow me to just apologize right off the bat, because this MV came just over week ago and I kinda sat on it cause real life sometimes keeps me from writing about cool stuff I’d really like to talk about. But hey, this glorious new offering from Okinawa Electric Girl Saya is still relevant and deserves more views, so here we are, dagnabbit!

Anyway, the world’s busiest avant-garde idol released what I believe is her 536th release last month, and at last, it’s a CD that we should’ve suspected was inevitable: That’s right, Saya has finally teamed up with the legendary “Kings of Noise” Hijokaidan! And yes, the the project is indeed referred to as “Sayakaidan” because that’s the traditional naming convention for all  Hijokaidan/idol collaborations.

And we’ve got this evocative, beautifully shot MV to get the mood just right. Let’s go check it out…

Oh damn, that was some cool stuff, right? I really dig what Saya’s been doing and I’ve been championing her for quite a while now, so it may seem hyperbolic when I say this is one of my favorite things she’s done yet, but guess what? This is one of my favorite things she’s done yet. Teaming up with JojoMikawa and company is a fit that makes perfect sense. (And Saya has previously performed with Mikawa for live shows, so once again, this seemed pre-ordained.)

And Saya’s style here, with the wide-brimmed hat and the long coat, is a tribute to Meiko Kaji‘s role in the infamous Female Convict Scorpion Series, where a wronged woman escapes from prison and deals out merciless revenge on her enemies. If you’re gonna have role models, Meiko Kaji is quite a pick! Saya is definitely cooler than the average idol for certain.

So the entire Sayakaidan album is available now and you can get it from a few places, including IU * which is probably the easiest vendor for overseas fans. (*Note: This is not a sponsored or affiliated link. ) Truthfully I haven’t gotten to listen to it yet, but if you’re familiar with either Saya or Hijokaidan I’m pretty sure you already know what’s in store. Plus the CD also contains a tribute to underground legends Nurse With Wound!

Meanwhile the Okinawa Electric Girl is not even close to slowing down. She did have to postpone show dates in nearby Asian countries due to the current situation that’s causing havoc everywhere, but that’s not enough to break her stride. She’s currently crowdfunding yet another album, plus she’s been stepping up with more shared performances online in place of less frequent live shows. If you follow her twitter, you’ll see plenty of live stuff to check out, including her regular series of “Goodnight Noise” improvisations…

All of you, pay attention to her activities because it’s likely going to take an entire village to keep up with her. It’s incredibly exciting to see an idol pursue her creative muses so freely, and it’s something that deserves our support! Who will she collaborate with next? How many CDR’s will she release this month? Stayed tuned and find out!