That Review That I Was Talking About

Just published two full days later than I’d have liked, but here we go! Thanks to the generosity of a fan and multiple appeals to my ego, I was able to review and rate:

Deathrabbits’ The Second Usagi War!

Hint: Better than I would have thought!

Also, Youthinasia, I’m still getting caught up on some other work, but I’ll be making additions from your playlist today/weekend.

UPDATE: And no sooner than this went out than …

2 thoughts on “That Review That I Was Talking About

  1. I had to click through a link in the post to see the actual review, but yeah.
    I am happy to see a non-bias review of the album, which my review absolutely was.

    I have to disagree about the weird compositions not blending together well. Their music is mixed with another genre called “Digital Hardcore” (a form of noise music popular in places like Germany, South America and Japan), and that is what you mostly hear in the background. I’m personally a fan of the genre, so of course to me, such things work well together, and I think their composer has a very unique way of being able to blend such music with pop and even Jazz Piano.

    As I noted in my own review, I love the first album, but I feel they didn’t know where they were going with the DEATHRABBITS project (at least until the final song recorded, “7 priniciples”). Then they released “Usagi no Kimochi” last Summer and to me that was a midway point where they filled the song with Jazz Piano, J-Pop and Digital Hardcore, but I still think they were not quite sure how to belnd it so well until “Nande?” came out last November. I think by that point (even if the song is stupidly catchy, and not my favourite of theirs by far) they had finally worked it out, and the B-Side “Kaiju” (Which I know you’re not a fan of) was akin to their earlier HEAVY stuff (such as “I sip Ramen” or “Hell near Buchou”), but done right and with Jazz Piano thrown in for good measure.

    One thing I’m in total disagreement with you, and anyone who’s said it before is comparing Buchou’s outfit to a Nazi outfit from Wolfenstien. From what I know, it was based on another game with no Nazi references (the name of the game has left my memory now, but they are intended to be advanced military suits), and may have possible connections to an anime/live action movie called Jin-Roh/The Wolf Brigade… but, I can see WHY people might see otherwise, I just strongly disagree.

    And the joke with Buchou is… well, he’s this almost 40 year old man, imposing himself into the idol world, and the fans (and the girls!) pretend to hate him, which is why their ONEMAN’s are always about selling enough tickets to kick him out… but he always finds a way to “remain”. It’s really fun during the LIVE atmosphere.

    All in all, I enjoyed the review, and I think you were pretty fair about them, despite not being a fan yourself. And I totally think this album is a love letter to their fans, maybe rather than trying to necessarily recruit new fans (although, I’m sure they want them!). And I think your score, especially for a non fan was VERY fair.

    Oh, and good job on noticing the Reggaeton vocals in “Chuu ni”, as not many others did. That song was actually the B-Side to last years “Usagi no Kimochi” single (I was one of the first people in the world to ever hear it at the ONEMAN last May!), and I’m really sad that they never made a PV for it. And I absolutely think even non-fans could enjoy that song, it’s just… summery and lovely!

    Thank you for taking the time to do this review and I hope you don’t mind my comments~ m(_ _)m

    • Mind? I love your comments. I like to learn! I’m particularly interested (oddly, for me) in how the group composition works, so every time I get another “here’s the deal with Bucho” tip, it is appreciated.

      Sort of love-em-or-hate-em, Deathrabbits are about as unique as it gets.

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