That BDS Thing Is Plenty Dramatic, But It’s All Business

I’m just adding this post to update and clarify the situation with Bakuon Dolls Syndrome from the other day:

Per Zac on Facebook, translating the original message:

Report on changing of agencies

At this time, BDS Records has been the recipient of falsehoods and breaches of trust due to Himari’s belonging to AS Project that have damaged our long trust and confidence in Himari.
Also, we reached this point due to indications of AS Project’s concealment of the course of events leading up to Himari joining our agency, as well as evidence of attempts to secretly conduct things without our knowledge.

In response to these moral violations, we hereby announce that we have conveyed to AS Project and the relevant members [the BDS members] that they are banned from using the group name, songs, and related other works.

August 4th, 2016
BDS Records Representative
Murakami Hirokazu

And Char T Saki adding this in the comments on the original post:

They had moved the management office. Record company is not moving.
Mr. Murakami, BDS records CEO? , is very angry.
If he is a provisional disposition application for music use stop to the court , they (called Bakuon Dolls Syndrome) will not be able to use the uthat was created until now.
I hope to be amicably resolved until mid-September to resume the activities.

Saki followed that message by making fun of me. I may rescind the cordial terms of our relationship in childish retaliation.

So basically, BDS is still a thing, except that it probably won’t be BDS anymore, and what I was really hoping was nothing like Kurohara Yu-ri’s situation is nothing like Kurohara Yu-ri’s situation, but sort of a claim on contractual rights to represent intellectual ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Sorry. Mrs. Maniac is the attorney in the family.

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