Thank You, PiGU, for Your New MV

Speak and they shall come! I’d openly and occasionally loudly wondered where my typically much more prolific girls in PiGUs were hiding themselves ever since Rino’s graduation a couple of months ago, and Official basically said, we’re working on stuff, wait and see you jerk, just not in so many words. Then there was their Idol Matsuri entry, and this, and now:

I also love that little punk rock teddy bear thing. Please let’s keep that as a motif.

I personally like to champion PiGU a little, if you hadn’t noticed. Yeah, they were one of the Best of 2016 sponsors, but they were also legit nominees, and they have a lot going for them in general. In fact, if you’d like to take a trip through their back catalog and visit with members from their past (because, as Chris notes, management likes to erase past members from history), go to this forums thread and watch away.

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