Team Homicidols Reacts … to the New BiSH Song!

The damn thing’s already been viewed more times than most idol groups can hope for their entire lifetimes’ video corpus, so I doubt that you aren’t aware of the new digital single from BiSH. Theme song? You betcha! Starring Atsuko? As it should! Kenta? Is there any other way?

Rather than do the usual thing, I thought I’d plagiarize the results of the Team Chat from yesterday and give you: Team Homicidols Reacts!

Papermaiden: The new BiSH song is like if Orchestra and I am me were together in a terrible car accident and they got mangled and while the doctors painstakingly tried to reassemble them, they accidentally switched a couple of their organs and appendages.

Daemon: And they used Promise the Star for skin grafts.

Cal: This is so visceral.

Actually that’s it. Those were the comments. It is a pretty neat song, actually, all things being equal. And I think it’s available from streamers now? Probably.