Take us to a Holiday Movie in this week’s Friday Fun

Sorry this is late, but Kerrie’s hiding in a bunker so D is at the helm:

Last week, we got some very plausible Christmas albums!


And this one that I so want to be real:

Now, this time, we’re gonna go into movies! Have you watched any Holiday movies yet? Wouldn’t they be better with a few idols though? Wouldn’t anything be better with a few idols?

Yes, I’m pretty sure we did the same thing last week, but by the time you read this, the UK election will be over and there’s only so many holiday-themed Friday Funs you can think of when you’re hiding from Nigel Farage. Anyway, I can’t wait to see your movie pitches from behind all the chaos that inevitably ensues with election time. This week’s hashtag is #IdolHolidayMovies, I’m going to watch Jingle All The Way for the 20th time while I try to forget everything.