Take Maniac’s Best of 2016 Challenge

Before we actually kick off voting for the Best of 2016, team, I thought I’d actually get around to introducing the You vs. Me component so it makes a little bit more sense.

See, you’re all smart, tasteful people. You’re here, after all! I, however, am the smartest and tastefulest and will brook no argument, and while I won’t be making any direct interventions into the community’s vote for the best of the year, I will nonetheless make my own thoughts known.

I’ve asked a genuine panel of experts* to vouchsafe my submissions; the task before you (should you dare to take it on!) is to see just how well you know your Homicidol Maniac. Using the ballot below, select for each category not your own favorite, but what you think mine is.

The submission that comes closest to nailing it (or, gods help us all, matches the whole thing) will take home their choice of one of two Guso Drop Gushin CDs — only 1,000 exist in the world, and at 26 different poster inserts, that’s like 38 of each type, which makes every one a legitimate collector’s item. And they’re both Yurapiko!

best-yura-scream best-yura-spit
Yura screams Yura spits

For fans, this is pretty great; if you aren’t a fan yet, you’re about to be … if you can Match the Maniac!**

The results of my ballot (and therefore the winner of this shindig) will be released on Dec. 20 along with the community winners. Awards will be presented. Idols and probably some of their fans will cry. It’ll be beautiful.

Note: These aren’t the same nominees that you’ll be voting on next week, just mine.

Looks a little different than you might’ve expected, huh? This is what happens when your friendly neighborhood Maniac recuses himself from the nominations process but insists on nonetheless being heard!

*Okay, it’s Phillter and Kerrie. They’re experts enough. Darn it all, now I’m looking for somebody without an interest in this! Okay, Phillter’s doing it. Whew.
**Spoiler: The best thing anybody put out this year is Especia’s Mirage EP. Sweet holy crap. Not a candidate here, though!

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  1. Booo! It said an error occurred, and it cleared all of my choices. I was SURE I had them 100% accurate, too 😛
    I will indeed try again later.

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