Take a Few Minutes from Your Sloth and Gluttony for This Festive Friday Fun

Happy Holidays, nerds! Have you been good this year? Maybe Santa-san bring you all the Tommy Wiseau tat you desire, or whoever else showed up in last week’s #IdolMerchForWesternCelebs!!

This weekend, it’s finally Christmas! And amongst other things like “Why did I agree to do all the baking this year??” “Are these presents any good?” “My tree still doesn’t have any lights!” I have Christmas jumpers on the mind. Mainly because I need a cute yet baggy jumper to hide my Halloween-Early Christmas weight gain so certain relatives don’t make me feel bad for eating more pigs in blankets than I probably should, but also, look who just came out with a new Christmas jumper! Only our old friends Babymetal!


Personally, I preferred their old Christmas sweater; it was adorable and much more festive, but this  would have been perfectly adequate for hiding my Santa belly had it not been for the fact that I don’t have £60 right now.

And while not festive, WACK have been knitting out some ugly (your mileage may vary, I need Coco and Aina in my wardrobe right now) sweaters of their own! Unfortunately, they’ll set you back like $250, but hey, if you’re filthy rich and willing to wait until next year as they haven’t been released yet, I’m sure you could get a sweater of your oshi and stitch a Santa hat on there. BOOM! Instant wota Christmas jumper and Watanabe gets the extra pleasure of laughing all the way to Ebay to buy a crate of reindeer antlers and his own idol-drawn sleigh.

So, if you’re not too busy this Christmas weekend, how about you come up with some designs for Christmas jumpers of your own? And this totally isn’t all a sick ploy to convince Ricky to make an official NECRONOMIDOL 2018 Christmas Sweater preferably designed by yours truly, how dare you insinuate that!

Come up with some fun designs, make them as silly and outlandish as you want, and tweet them using #IdolChristmasSweaters!

And if you don’t want to see another ugly sweater ever again, you can also use #IdolChristmas for general idol-related Holiday cheer! That’s right, you just got a surprise extra Friday Fun as a gift from Papermaiden! Don’t say we don’t treat you right!

I wonder if anyone actually used those ugly idol tree decorations I did last year?

Yes, somebody did