Well, Kaqriyo Terror Architect Isn’t Messing Around

We knew that “Yubikiri Genman” was a good track, but this new MV just sews up the package so well:

Komachi, how could you?!

Kaqriyo Terror Architect wouldn’t be a proper Codomomental outfit if they weren’t at the very least starting off in deliciously dark directions, and this is a hell of an entree for a second single. Leaving the song alone for a minute, the video’s mostly just straightforward idol stuff — except for that deeply foreboding love-in-the-shadows routine that, of course, culminates in Komachi’s murder of Megumi (WHY). I don’t know where this thing about love and death comes from, but it’s a company staple, and emerging as one of my favorite moves of theirs. Continue reading