THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND Drop Their First MV and Trigger a Flashback

It was just over a week ago when we learned of the existence of THE DEVIL’S KILLING MERRY-GO-ROUND (officially abbreviated as “DEVIKIR”), the new unit featuring Michelle Noir (ex. Michelle of NECRONOMIDOL) and Ragna Roku (ex. Roku Rokuroku of LAST IN MY CULT). While their official debut live is not until June 17th, they have wasted no time in dropping their first MV, “DIABOROS.”

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New Sickness: Yamitsuki Company, Please and Thanks

There have been more than a few instances of arm-waving and MANIAC WHY AREN’T YOU LOSING YOUR MIND OVER THIS when it comes to Yamitsuki Company over the past month or so (including in the Weekender!), and you’ll see and hear why in a second, but I want to preface this by saying that not a single person who’s brought this up, all flush-faced and panting and sort of vacant-eyed, had anything but total commitment in how they talked about it.

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