XYZ Will Live Again; I Have Questions

Lee shared this in the group the other day:

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It’s the Final XYZ Party

I ordinarily want to start anybody’s work week with a graduation-and-disbandment video, but this is a nice one, and it feels like a nice closing of the circle.

XYZ announced a little while ago that the group was going to shut things down, and are joining management label/managementmates Poroporo Baroque in oblivion. At least XYZ got a farewell live!

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The Party’s over for XYZ

Remember XYZ? We got to check them out a few times, and they were generally okay, but then this went out on Twitter yesterday and now there’s going to be one less idol group in the world:

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A Bunch of Wild Stuff from the Guso Drop Family

This whole business started with this post in the Guso Drop fan group on Facebook:

The whole set is here, and it’s impressive:

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Idol Rocks! Looks Like It Was a Pretty Good Time

I had no idea what was going on with this show, but now I’m seeing the results and feeling like it must have been a pretty pretty good time (get it?), featuring POP, Necronomidol, Screaming Sixties, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da and others (like XYZ) that I don’t know about yet but want to.

Here’s the promo poster. Read more to see other photos.

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