This Is How You Celebrate Your National Team

Who all else is watching the World Cup? This is the one guaranteed time (every four years!) when I really sit down and watch soccer. My country isn’t in this time around on account of being terrible, so I’m mostly looking for somebody to root for. For those of you whose countries aren’t international athletic embarrassments, in addition to your home country / place of familial national origin, are you cheering for Japan? They’re doing pretty okay! Yes, they can technically still be eliminated, but they’re in a good place, as their only match left in group play is against Poland, who have been bad.

The point is, Japan’s team* has both been a success, and likely will remain so with enough encouragement! And who better to deliver that encouragement than idols? And who better than just any ol’ ganbare-fist-posing tradol than some loud-ass chika idols who can celebrate your successes and motivate you to new heights? For instance, KING RAGE:

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