Check out This Live One from WiLL

Man, do you guys remember that hot minute about a year ago when WiLL was one of the darling acts of the alt set based entirely on the fact that they sometimes do cool rock and electronic sounds? I do. That was a good time. I’d even link to an example, but, you know, the word “will” doesn’t search very well in an archive, and “world ill” just throws the dang directory into a tizzy.

You are not here for that! You are here for this:

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Did You Catch the Latest from WiLL?

It took me a minute to buy into WiLL back when they were getting a little hype a few months ago, but I did come around enough to be surprised that I’d almost forgotten that the poor things were out there, idoling away — specifically, I thought “oh, right, I didn’t see them on TIF or @JAM or anything rosters yet” — and genuinely a little stoked when Japanese Idol MV RTed this one yesterday:

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Okay, Great, and Now I Like WiLL Too

Don’t let the banner fool you; there’s some ‘tude to these idols. Which I didn’t know until Pure Idol Heart pinged me with this number yesterday, and my previous understanding of WiLL (Twitter) was upended.

And as is often the case in idol, the ambitions of the choreo outstrip the capabilities of the performers

“Let It Out” is WiLL’s first MV, and it’s the second A-side of what I believe is their debut single; they’ve been kicking around for a little while, and the rest of the songs on the thing line up with my previous experience from having seen them here and there online, doing stuff with other idols in our space, etc. Continue reading