Your Homicidols Weekender #77

Holy moley, you guys, Golden Week was something else, wasn’t it? It’s technically still going, and even without there are a handful of MVs on the immediate horizon, any one of which could happen today, tomorrow or when you least expect it ha!

Sorry about that. At the time of this writing, I’m somewhere between completely wired and completely exhausted, and my brain doesn’t work.

The Fun was pretty good this week, wasn’t it? You should go play it. Also, now that it’s officially hot or getting cold outside, you should feel completely justified in enjoying the heck out of a bunch of idol. Me? I got a bunch of literal heavy lifting to do.

Honestly, Why Do You Think We Care?

This was last weekend, and in fact there’s a post about it that I just trashed on account of it no longer being timely or sensible, so You’ll Melt More!, how about those crazy kids?

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Your Homicidols Weekender #37

Hello friends! Have you enjoyed Queen of the Scene so far? I’ll warn you, the very first event for the real competition is going to be really dumb. Like, so, so dumb. I’m really looking forward to it!

It was kind of a quiet week overall, though, huh? Nothing like the one prior, which, woof. But, especially if you were a fan of Friends back in the day, check out the Fun, have a beverage of your choice and kick back, because it’s the friggin’ weekend and we’re having a nor’easter here in the Maniac neighborhood!

I Have a Feeling That You Put a Lot of Crap in Here, Maniac

Just as a note, Narasaki Yuri, or the Artist You Probably Remember as Kyuri from FRUITPOCHETTE Whose Actual Name Is Hard to Decipher, is back to solo activities* (still with Mad Magazine) and probably worth a follow. She even has a new website!

*This has nothing to do with the included blog post; I just wanted something visual

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