The Deathrabbits Game Is Being Stepped Way the Hell Up

Kinda toldja so!

Deathrabbits, who run as hot and cold in this group as anybody I’ve ever seen, just dropped a very serious-business video for “Usagi Stream 2“; that is, a very serious-business video for a pretty serious-business song.

I don’t know who writes their music, but this has to be the most thoroughly mature effort that they’ve put together to date. Yes, the cute “pyon!” thing is still there, and of course it is — they’re junior idols. But the overall effort, from the writing to the mix to the performance to the Bucho to Emi’s ever-developing voice, is, I think, their absolute best to date. “The Second Usagi War” just went from “Okay, I’ll give it a shot” to “Seriously, can somebody give me the stupid album? I wanna hear what Deathrabbits is really up to.”

See? I am nothing if not fair and supportive. Good jobs, Deathrabbits.

H/t Peter via Facebook