You Don’t Even Need Japanese to Understand This Idol Documentary That’s All in Japanese

This is pretty cool; if you have a little while today or tomorrow or over the weekend or at some point before the heat death of the universe, give this documentary on the idol underground, the people performing and the people who love them a watch:

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There’s a Lot More Fest Happening Than Just TIF This Weekend

For all the right reasons, it’s good to be excited about the Tokyo Idol Festival. It’s only going into its (counts on fingers) seventh year, but it’s already becoming a place where stars are kind of born; last year, for instance, Osaka Shunkashuto and PassCode went in as virtual unknowns and walked out with people buzzing about them.

However, while TIF has rather well-embraced a certain flexibility toward sound and attitude in its lineup, it doesn’t have room for everybody, and some of our very favorites either aren’t included or only get a cursory moment on stage. The idol-loving world’s eyes are on Tokyo for those three days, so what’s an indie, underground or under-exposed idol to do?

Fortunately, it’s not only TIF that can be organized for three concurrent days in August, and there are idol entertainment options far more representative of the kind of stuff that we dig happening in the Tokyo area. Continue reading