So What Does uBu Sound Like, Anyway?

The young BiSer known as Peri Ubu kept coming up on Twitter the other night, and I was forced to admit to a certain plan for an upcoming Monday Match Game, and it got me to thinking, Hey, what’s uBu even been up to since that whole terrifying episode with the members leveling up?

Leave it to the vital @sbsk_weekend to provide:

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I Can’t Decide If This Is Good or Bad or What

Our friends in uBu continue their pop-up assault on the greater Tokyo region, appearing seemingly at random, performing, then disappearing just as suddenly as they manifested.

But it appears that something more nefarious than an official debut live is at stake; indeed, uBu is … changing:

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What the Hell Is uBu?

Great job once again, Viz Major. I’d say that we all owe you a debt, but that presumes that anybody actually wants to be subjected to this kind of reason-bending discordance.


So! uBu! Who are you? (/dying) Just like the post says, Tokyo-based idols who are officially launching on Nov. 26 at a free one-man in Akiba, but who’ve been doing a bunch of pop-up lives around the capital region because why not, you have to get to 5,000+ Twitter followers somehow, amirite?

Yeah, they’re kind of rocking the horror clown aesthetic, too, but what’s the real deal here? What’s with the mannequin heads? What does this ish sound like? Continue reading