Bokurano’s Black Gospels Are Complete; Now We Await Armageddon

Syuku and Ruru both bent the very possibilities of madness to their twisted, evil will, and introduced us to the upcoming (currently faceless) members of Bokura no Oyugi.

Mickey and her acolyte chose to make art.

May this message reach a person who’s going to be at that live next week, and may that person have all the recording equipment in the world, and may they record the show and share it with us. I am fascinated by Bokurano.

Deeper into the Diabolical Madness of Bokura no Oyugi

Syuku’s Twitcast was apparently almost completely incoherent (they’re almost completely incoherent to me, anyway, but you get the idea); now it’s Ruru’s turn to challenge your every notion of sanity:

Those mysterious masked women who are joining the actual Twitcast subjects? They aren’t acolytes or future human sacrifices, allegedly, but yet-to-be-introduced future members of the group. Oh yeah, Mikumo graduated. For her sake, it was probably a good idea.

Satanic Goal Reached, Terror Clowns Begin Spreading Their Dark Gospel

This whole “666 followers” thing of Bokura no Oyugi’s has borne fruit; after some dark spirit, probably the one that screams in your nightmares, willed them to their followers goal, it became time to make good on their diabolical promise.

First up, Syuku and … someone. Gird your loins.

Terrifying. More of these are, I’m sure, to follow. Continue reading