Let NEO JAPONISM ‘Trigger’ Your Awesome New Year

I can’t believe how much great stuff has been published in the Loudolisphere over the past week! Seriously, I personally have 12 drafts from just the last several days, and whether I get to half of them before the next week is out is purely speculative. I’m nonetheless jumping NEO JAPONISM and their “it’s a new year and you all need for us to set you right” new MV for “Trigger” to the front of the list because it’s NEO JAPONISM, who are incredible, and the song and MV are 18 kinds of awesome. If you only want one thing to prep you for 2021, make it this:

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While We’re on the Topic: Bee x SWAT

I alluded earlier to idols who kind of fit the parameters of the Friday Fun, and now I’m making good on that.

So you guys remember Honey Emperor from the other day? And how I was like, they have a sister group but honestly this bees thing? Well, this is the sister group, and the bees thing, it’s still a thing.

Specifically, armed bees

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