50 Greatest Alt-Idol MVs of All Time: #41 – 50

The Homicidols community has been busy for the past couple of months. We first asked our readers to tell us their five favorite alt, indie and/or underground idol MV’s. We then compiled those entries into a massive list of 127 music videos and again asked our readers to rate each and every one on a scientific and rigorously valid Likert scale. 

The results have now been compiled into this incontrovertible and statistically valid list of the 50 GREATEST IDOL MVs of ALL TIME (per the collective opinion of the Homicidols community).

We will present ten each week for the next (*counts on fingers*) five weeks with commentary from Team Homicidols and our readers on why they nominated the MV for consideration.

Let’s go!!

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Greatest MVs of All Time: Homicidols Community Project Phase 2

Over the last few weeks, the readers of Homicidols have submitted the five music videos that they considered the greatest of all time. In total, 127 different MVs were nominated. We have compiled the nominees into a Likert-type survey so you can rate each and every one. Your opinions will definitely NOT be used as a personality inventory that we will sell to data brokers so I’m not sure why I even mention it.

Go complete the survey when have some time. Google will save your progress so you don’t have to finish it all in one sitting. UPDATE: the deadline for completing the survey is Friday, July 7th:

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Homicidols Community Project: Top 50 Alt-Idol MVs of All Time

We are excited to announce our new community project. Last fall, we and many of our readers all shared our 10 favorite idol songs. This time around, we are being a bit more ambitious. Our goal with this project is to identify the 50 best alt, indie, and underground idol MVs of all time. 

Here is our plan:

  1. Collect nominations for Best MVs from the Homicidols Community.
  2. Ask our readers to rank all the nominations on a Likert-type scale.
  3. Pitch the ranked MVs against each other in a World Cup-style tournament.
  4. Compile the tournament results into a final ranked list. 

This may take us most of the summer. I hope you don’t have any plans.

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