Haloperi Doll

This is heavy.

What happens when you take idols and add them to a thrash band?

This is what happens.

What you see before you is actually the second iteration of Haloperi Doll — and unlike the typical roster overturn of most idol units, this was a complete revamp: A few months after launching in 2014, the original group was completely disbanded, with a totally new lineup announced after a few more months of stasis.

So this is actually a pretty new unit, not even a year old as of this writing, and a sister group to Mugen Regina (same management and label). I really enjoy the songs done by the original trio, and I like what I’ve heard from the new lineup, so I have to say that the future is bright.

I’m also a metalhead with a definite weakness for thrash, so Haloperi Doll is kind of right in my wheelhouse. They’re also quite nice to interact with on Twitter.

I want to have more to say about Haloperi Doll, but their newness and relative obscurity to Anglophone fans means that I don’t have a whole lot of information, but I’m rooting for them, and let me say that I hope that Babymetal’s influence on Western metal festivals opens the door to more idol metal units, and that the next wave includes Haloperi Doll.

What they sound like

This isn’t dressed up at all. They’re idols singing to (primarily) thrash tracks. That’s a-okay.

You’ll like them if

You wished that Megadeth had a better (female) vocalist; you like Nervosa but prefer clean voices.

Entries on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

“Silent Doll” up at the top, and:

They have some pretty great stuff on Soundcloud, too, but beware that the original trio’s songs’ playlist has been taken down and now you have to hunt a little.


An'z from Japanese thrash metal idol unit Haloperi Doll
An’z also sings for Skull 9 ℃.
La Traviata Tsubuki
La Traviata Tsubaki from Japanese thrash metal idol unit Haloperi Doll
Selenium Cellen
Selenium Cellen from Japanese thrash metal idol unit Haloperi Doll

In case you were wondering, these aren’t their real names.

Former Members

Ringo Kusakabe
Ringo Kusakabe from Japanese thrash metal idol unit Haloperi Doll


HALOPERI Doll ver. 2 (You can call it a single all day long, Haloperi Doll, but I’m on to you.)