The WiLD TRUMPS Are Dead; All Hail … What?

Regardless of the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, THE WiLD TRUMPS had slated themselves for a Nov. 26 live demolition, which they billed as a death and rebirth. I thought, hey, this is a spin-off from Aoyama St. Hachamecha High School, it’ll probably get a refresh because the angle will be kind of stale after the election (and weird if Trump wins!), but I bet not much changes and …


They actually streamed a good portion of what turned out to be the group’s last live on Periscope:

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The WiLD TRUMPS Don’t Seem Too Optimistic

I’m sorry, guys, for the additional political allusion, but this is even relevanter than the last one.

Remember the WiLD TRUMPS? That fun, punky, spunky, skadol descendant of Mecha High? They had their first one-man on Sunday … and are already calling it quits:

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THE WiLD TRUMPS Are Neither a Typo Nor a Joke

Remember when Kamen Joshi not only endorsed Donald Trump for president, but sent Trump-sama their high energy? I sure do! But the Republican presidential nominee has even more support than that from the ranks of idols; indeed, he has a group just flat-out named after him!

I can’t. No.

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