Come and Enjoy These Kaishin no Ichigeki Videos

Happy Friday! I’m beyond ready for this week — really, like the last month — to be over, and not in the least because I have stuff sitting in the queue that’s almost old enough to drive. For instance, this nice little bit from Kaishin no Ichigeki:

There’s more to it, of course, because idol, which seems to be capable of happening just about anywhere: Continue reading

Once the Name Twice Now Kaishin no Ichigeki

That’s a pretty great title, right? I’m proud of it. I’ve been sitting on this one for a little while, guys, for no particular reason than “there are plenty of things to post” and “I’m busy” and stuff. And also because I didn’t really understand what the hell was happening. That’s common.

It’s Tuesday. Tuesday means weird. And this has some weird-ass moments!

That’s the name TWICE, but they aren’t called that anymore; now they’re Kaishin no Ichigeki (Twitter, anew). I welcome any and all explanations. Continue reading

So Good, It’s the name TWICE

I was killing myself to do a proper pun for the title, but failed

Anyway! This is another good Sunday entry, a sweet little alt-something number with this hint of rock sound behind it that makes me think that the name TWICE (Twitter) is actually going to be a unit to keep an eye on.

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