Shut up, Leave Me Alone

I’ve enjoyed watching our UK friends on Twitter wrestle with the notion of Thanksgiving, a holiday that those of us in the USA are celebrating today (our Canadian brethren have a Thanksgiving, too, but the only cool Canadian holiday is Boxing D– oh, it doesn’t mean what I think it means?).

That was a terrible sentence. Let me start over: Today, in the United States, it’s Thanksgiving. The tl;dr version of an explainer is that Abraham Lincoln made the first official Thanksgiving happen during the Civil War, and it eventually became a tradition, then a federal holiday.

The result is a set-aside day to get together with your family and eat a meal and get angry about so-and-so’s terrible opinions and/or life choices, and Mrs. Maniac and I will be visiting the Maniacs. I am writing this message on Tuesday so I have as little as possible to do on Thursday, when there is a long drive ahead and I don’t want to be worrying about external things. But there is something that I want to say. Continue reading