We All Will Continue to Melt More, Thank Goodness

Today’s a light one, team — not that there isn’t/wasn’t plenty going on, just that there’s a lot of organize and wade through, and I got other stuff to do because Sunday — so I’m just going to catch up on an item from last week that I skipped over for want of time.

You’ll Melt More! We like them; smart people usually do. TGU did this really nice report of their Akasaka BLITZ performance:

Which isn’t notable (and I swear that I’m not becoming Just Re-reports from TGU Like a jerk Guy) in itself — it’s a show report, you wouldn’t have written it if the label hadn’t seen to it that you would it wasn’t great, etc. — but because of details announced thereabouts! Continue reading

A Look into the World of the Self-produced Idol

I know some of you guys have seen this article by Tokyo Girls Update from a few days ago (it made the rounds pretty well). It’s a longish look at the unique part of the idolverse in which the performers are the ones driving the bus, so to speak. It brings up the (basically defunct) Nama Hamu to Yaki Udon as an example of the reality and difficulties, and spends a nice bit of time with Avandoned:

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