Rebirthing a Not-new Normal

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this important announcement

Hi friends! I survived my 10 days en purgatorio. And, unlike the hazy, half-lucid promise that I made at the outset, I didn’t even so much as pretend to try to keep up with idol goings-on. Just as the team, to whom I would aimlessly misdirect links sans context or (frankly) effort just because I found five minutes to scroll through a feed. It was rough, in its ways, and I’m ultimately most thankful that I don’t think that I missed anything that I’d regret missing, and Team Homicidols did a great job.

Did I say that Team Homicidols did a great job? Team Homicidols did a great job. It’s an amazing feeling to know that there exist smart, good-taste-having, reliable people whose interests just so happen to align with my own at a particularly critical juncture, and that should I be out on a breather, they’ll be like, hey sure let’s go ahead and blog the posts about the things. Crucial. If I even knew where to start, I’d send them all something nice.

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We’ve Lost Our PASSPO☆

Have you ever felt what I’m referring to as “idol guilt”? My definition for this is when you like a particular group or idol a lot, but due to the sheer amount of competing forces vying for that idol/group’s attentions, you never really put forth the full support and backing the idol/group deserves? And then a terrible feeling sets in when this idol/group calls it quits because you feel like you failed them? Anyway, welcome to my relationship with PASSPO☆

While it was announced months ago, PASSPO☆ didn’t have their final concert (flight) until this weekend. Now perhaps they weren’t strictly “Homicidols” material, they were well-regarded on this site, and they most certainly literally rocked, at times performing some crunchy-good guitar driven pop tunes, often with a full band backing them, and occasionally as a band themselvesPASSPO☆ were terrific, and at times I felt like I slept on them more than I really should.I was discussing this with TEAM HOMICIDOLS and looks like we all share in this feeling a little bit, (sigh) so myself and Daemon each wanted to offer to some parting words. I’ll start… Continue reading