Go Ahead and Give Me Your EEEEEEEEEEEE! Takes

I swear to you, I am not deliberately holding up EEEEEEEEEEEE! to anything other than your consideration; I know that many folks were fans of Natsumi when she was with DISDOL, and retain an interest in where her career turns, so I’m inviting feedback, people. I didn’t know what to make of EEEEEEEEEEEE! when that whole business first started (and frankly still don’t know what to make of it), so let’s have ourselves a look at the band doing their live thing:

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Check out Takahashi Natsumi’s First Solo MV Preview

Happy Friday, gang! Do you remember when Takahashi Natsumi graduated from DISDOL? And remember Phillter’s awesome story about being at her final? We knew that she was going some kind of solo — given what her Twitter feed usually looks like, I assumed “mostly gravure” was the plan, but she’s making music! Acceptably!

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Going Solo: Change at DISDOL & a New Future for Takahashi Natsumi

Graduations usually suck, but this is a case where it might wind up being a win-win for just about everybody. Takahashi Natsumi, leader of DISDOL going back to the beginning, is graduating and going solo.

This blog post from DISDOL sums it up: Natsumi’s graduation is more or less immediate (though her last live is yet to be scheduled), and Tsuki Airi will take over leadership duties.

Airi seems to be excited

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