DEEP GIRL’s Latest Live Videos Are Sweet, Out of Control

They’ve been dropping these pro edits of live footage (with studio audio); now we have ourselves DEEP GIRL back on Jimmy Eat World and, uh, Hoobastank:

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DEEP GIRL Covers ‘Sweetness’ and I’m 22 Years Old Again

So DEEP GIRL, who have been significantly more active lately than they had been in months, took part in a cruise performance event thing as part of the entertainment (Mugen Regina was there, too), and they’ve been issuing retweet challenges over the last couple of days — every time they hit another numerical milestone, they post another live clip.

For instance, when they hit 150 (IIRC), they did “Misery Business” (a staple); when they hit 180, they did “DEEP GIRL.” But when they hit 200 last night, they gave us:

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