Sway Emotions Slightly Satisfies

Lo about six weeks ago one of 2020’s single best group debuts — I speak here, of course, of Sway Emotions Slightly, you are capable of working out these context clues — issued us a challenge: retweet the tweet X many times, and you will be progressively awarded. Now me, I’m a glutton, so if a particular personal favorite idol unit tweets out that 300 tweets are necessary to release this new MV, then you’d better damn believe that’s what I’m going for. One could say some things about how long it took to get those 300, but it definitely happened and now here we go with SES’s latest:

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There Is Every Reason to Be Excited about Sway Emotions Slightly

One of the highest-quality new acts of 2020 is showing that they’re grabbing 2021 by the horns, too.

At their first one-man the other day, they announced a new EP that’ll be along before we know it:

Sounds great even as a snip! And naturally it’s easy to infer what we can expect as far as an MV will go; apparently you can see it early if you download this app and win a lottery or something?

This is a very short blog post for something that is very exciting!

Get Into Sway Emotions Slightly, You Guys. It’s Rewarding.

So Sway Emotions Slightly, who you may recall as kicking enormous amounts of ass, released a new MV last week. I in my perpetual sloth wanted to write it up over the weekend, didn’t get a chance to, and then got waylaid but other things that kick enormous amounts of ass, so I apologize — to you, dear reader, and also to Sway Emotions Slightly, and in addition to them the hidden forces in the universe that misalign every time I don’t Do the Thing, please don’t let the air out of my tires again — and please allow me to rectify by sharing this with you. And then, while you’re buzzing over the immensity of it, let’s have a nice long post about awesomeness and feelings and stuff.

Gawd but I love everything about that. I’m usually the first person to complain about a boring MV, but “boring” and “not action-packed” are not synonyms, and in fact this MV is anything but boring. Its stillness is a virtue and amplifies the song so well, and I feel gives the idols themselves as much personality as anything else they’re done so far … just, like, quietly. But the MV isn’t what I want to talk about. Continue reading

Sway Emotions Slightly Is My New Favorite Thing

I’m usually inclined to use a Let’s Discover Some Idols kind of title on these posts, but please, my friends, let’s dispense with formula for the sake of saying the thing that is good and true and pure, which is that there are many idols and many idol debuts, but only a handful of them truly excite. And one of them is Sway Emotions Slightly.

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